Our Partners

The PATHS2 programme is managed by ABT Associates with two core partners, Options UK and David Daniels, who have established a wide ranging partnership to deliver the programme.

abt_logoAbt Associates, USA (Lead)
Abt Associates applies scientific research, consulting and technical assistance expertise to a wide range of issues in social, economic, and health policy; international development; clinical trials and registries. One of the largest for-profit government and business research and consulting firms in the world, Abt Associates delivers practical, measurable, high-value-added results.


Options, UK

Options Consultancy Services Ltd is a leading provider of technical expertise, short-term consultancy and long-term management services in the health and social sectors. Established in 1992, Options has evolved into a dynamic organisation with a broad portfolio of work that includes over 700 assignments in 50 countries. We work with a wide range of partners that include international donors, national governments, the private sector, academic institutions and civil society.

With our established global networks we forge partnerships between government, business, academic and civil society groups in order to develop effective health and social care systems and services. Our approach to business development focuses on opening up new opportunities, improving performance and ensuring better management of change and risk. Covering major strategic, organizational and operational issues our international team works closely with clients to develop tailor-made solutions.

Axios International is a consultancy founded in 1997 that specializes in strategic advice and technical assistance to improve healthcare delivery services in developing countries. We deliver pioneering solutions that increase access to drugs, diagnostics, and healthcare services. Over 8 million people (August, 2008) have received tests or treatment through Axios managed programs (NB. patients may receive more than one service), available via the portal www.accesstotreatment.org.